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10 Unique Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Summer

Summer is finally here!  Well, according to most school systems it is. But, did you know that summer does not technically begin until the Summer Solstice? I’m sure many of you already knew that, but many more do not. The Summer Solstice is the official “First Day of Summer.” I am taking it upon myself to educate you… Read More 10 Unique Ways to Celebrate the First Day of Summer

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Achieving my Ambitions: 2018 

“Where there is no vision, people perish.” —Proverbs 29:18  Welcome to my 2018 bouken (Japanese: adventure). This post will be dedicated to tracking my progress through this year’s Challenges I have presented myself.    But first, if you haven’t read my post explaining how I came to find the strength and courage to Achieve my Ambitions, go here!  If you’d like… Read More Achieving my Ambitions: 2018